It has been one year since the paths of Sertego and A. D. Vilber crossed and, since then, many millennium clients have taken advantage of this innovative collaboration.

November 2017 web copy

A.D. Vilber is a Valencian automobile distribution company with 5 years of experience in the sector and a client portfolio of more than one thousand. Included among these are its 120 millennium clients, clients that recieve that name because they earmark a large portion of their purchasing budget to A.D. Vilber and as a result enjoy major benefits: waste management training courses taught by Sertego personnel, and more.

Union Sertego y A. D Vilber para gestión residuos

David Jornet, head of the paint department at Vilber, described our first year working together with the following words: “As we are two companies with the same type of clients, we complement each other perfectly. It is a win-win collaboration: thanks to Sertego’s added value, our clients enjoy a service that the competition doesn’t provide, and we achieve their loyalty”.