Sertego is a leading environmental services company for the Industrial sector. It belongs to the Urbaser Group, and its mission consists of the integral and sustainable management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. We handle waste collection, transport, treatment, processing, and recovery, transforming it into recycled products and contributing to its inclusion within the Circular Economy cycle.


Industrial waste management is one of the most important chapters of the environmental agenda in developed societies. Industry continues to be the engine driving the global economy, and industrial waste management has a vast impact on the value chain of sustainability. read more

Letter from the CEO

Sertego faces one of the most exciting stages in its history. After nearly three decades of activity, we are aware of the enormous challenges facing the sector. Industrial activity is one of the pillars on which progress is based, and at Sertego we work every day to ensure its impact is kept to a minimum… read more


Sertego is firmly committed to the personal and professional development of its human resources. This commitment has the ultimate goal of developing the professional skills of its employees, and updating and adapting human resources to technological progress…read more


After 30 years of experience, Sertego continues to be at the forefront of compliance with European environmental regulations on waste. We are the main operator in Spain’s industrial waste market. read more