Three decades serving our clients

After 30 years of experience, Sertego continues to be at the forefront of compliance with European environmental regulations on waste. We are the main operator in Spain’s industrial waste market. We have clients to whom we offer management solutions adapted to their real needs.

Within Sertego’s extensive experience, its worth highlighting the company’s achievements in the field of Regeneration of Used Oils, which allows them to be reused as lubricants. We are a company that, through its treatments, manages to recover waste completely to give it the original use for which it was manufactured.

Likewise, Sertego is also a reference in the field of MARPOL waste management, which is generated inside the engine room of ships. Until 1973, this type of waste was released into the sea. Now, thanks to Sertego’s activity, more than 200,000 tonnes of this extremely toxic waste is returned to the value chain each year instead of being dumped into the sea.

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