Aitor Jáuregui Picabea, CEO.

Sertego faces one of the most exciting stages in its history. After nearly three decades of activity, we are aware of the enormous challenges facing the sector. Industrial activity is one of the pillars on which progress is based, and at Sertego we work every day to ensure its impact is kept to a minimum. Industrial waste management has an enormous impact on the sustainability value chain. Our mission is to guarantee that our clients’ waste is managed in compliance with the most rigorous legal and environmental standards, both within the framework of the European Union and in terms of national and regional legislation.

None of this would be possible without the excellent team of individuals that make up this company. Each day, Sertego employees contribute with their effort, dedication, and desire to improve,  to make the world a more sustainable place. Whether it is recovering hazardous waste, taking care of the seas, or treating waste so that it can be converted into a resource, each advance and success motivates us to take on new challenges. Today, Sertego recovers nearly 70% of the more than 500,000 tonnes of hazardous waste that we manage, and that is something that very few companies in our sector can say. We are a global benchmark in used oil regeneration, management, and conversion into fuel, as well as MARPOL oil management.

With the launch of our new website, we want to take a step forward into the digital world. We want to tell society about what we do, and make them participants in our activity. We want to share all of our experience so that we can continue building a more sustainable future together. We want to be closer to our clients, who will find a source of information, reflection, and knowledge on this website. At Sertego, we continue to work every day to combine progress and sustainability, industry and recycling, knowing that our activity alone is not enough, but being aware that our activity very necessary.