A professional, responsible and service-minded team

At Sertego, we place value on what is unquestionably our most precious resource: our human team. From the engineers that design and supervise installations to the technicians and operators, each and every one of the people in our team contribute to achieving excellence. Meeting this quality premise each day requires not only training and knowledge, but also experience, know-how and professionalism, the result from years of best practices carried out by all of our employees.

Sertego is firmly committed to the personal and professional development of its human resources. This commitment has the ultimate goal of developing the professional skills of its employees, updating and adapting human resources to technological progress, and improving service quality, as well as introducing a culture of continuous learning based on Quality management, respect for the Environment, and Workplace Risk Prevention.

We are a company committed to the professional success and development of our employees. For SertegoWorkplace Risk Prevention is strategical priority. The entire organisation is committed to complying with regulatory standards. Currently, Sertego’s Workplace Risk Prevention Policy meets prevention management standard OHSAS 18001.

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