Industrial waste management is one of the most important chapters of the environmental agenda in developed societies. Industry continues to be the engine driving the global economy, and industrial waste management has a vast impact on the sustainability value chain. In addition, the technological revolution and the digitalisation of society has boosted the presence of new products using hazardous materials. In this context, the management and valorization of these wastes has acquired an enormous relevance that is translated into the development of national and international legislations of obligatory fulfillment.

Contributing to the circular economy

Sertego has an operative and logistic network distributed all over the peninsula and islands, which allows it to manage any type of waste in any part of the country. This waste is treated at used oil regeneration plants, and sale of base lubricants, at MARPOL waste treatment plants and sale of fuels and at industrial waste disposal sites (hazardous and non-hazardous). We also develop recovery and recycling treatments at some of our other waste management facilities.

We help our clients to be sustainable

At Sertego, we are experts in offering our clients solutions so that they can comply with all legal requirements for managing their waste. Our goal is to convert this waste into recycled products to reintroduce them into the production cycle, convinced that all waste can be recycled.

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