The award, associated with the ANESE’s CLIMA program, recognizes SERTEGO’s work at the Industrial Installation of Jumilla (Murcia).

January 2019, web copywriter

Vicente Barroso, director at Biomasa of SERTEGO, collects the award delivered by Luis Cabrera, general director of ANESE.

The past December 4, ANESE awarded SERTEGO for their work at the Industrial Installation of Jumilla, Murcia. This award, audited by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, is part of the CLIMA program that seeks to encourage projects which implement energy efficiency measures and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Sertego worked with their clients of the industrial installation of Jumilla, building a biomass boiler that would replace the traditional fuel they used up until then. This action saved 5,046t CO2, being the CLIMA project program that reduced more tons of CO2 during 2017. In fact, this saving represents almost 50% of the total reduction of the program in 2017, 11,933 tons of CO2, as recently certified by the Executive Committee of FES CO2 (Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy).

Renewable energies are already a reality, and each time more companies are betting on affordable, secure and sustainable energy sources, such as biomass.

Sertego works to support, assess and collaborate with companies in this much needed transformation. Its participation in the CLIMA program, and this award certifying the good results of their projects, once again confirm that we continue working to achieve sustainable development goals and are committed to caring for the environment.