The most recognised activity by Sertego’s customers is the collection, transport and management of waste in our final treatment plants. In this way, we become participants in the circular economy, in order to preserve and improve the natural capital by manufacturing lubricant bases, which will be converted into new lubricating oils, and obtaining recovered fuels, which avoid having to further deplete first refining fuels.

In Sertego, however, we carry out other less-known but essential actions to improve the service we provide to our customers.

For example, we have a fleet of mixed vehicles, capable of performing different tasks such as vacuuming waste, cleaning and unblocking, which allows us to reduce operating times in the collection of waste that involves some difficulty in loading.

Sertego_June Levante

Moreover, we do not only collect waste in industrial facilities that are in full operation, but we also do special work in facilities in the process of dismantling; specific and unusual situations that also require a correct segregation of waste for its subsequent management.

For Sertego, it’s particularly important that the waste collected at our clients’ facilities is correctly separated, not only because it will allow the waste producers to comply with the provisions of the legislation, but also because this segregation will result in a proper subsequent management of the waste, and will allow recycling to become a pillar of circular economy. A proper separation at source also avoids incidents caused by an inadequate mixture of incompatible waste.

We’re aware of the special difficulty and complexity that a proper separation of waste entails, so we advise our customers and help them in this process.

These actions are just an example of what Sertego can do. We continue to look for ways to improve the service we provide, as well as the management of waste and its recycling and recovery.