The Business and Environment Workshops distinguished the various companies in the Community of Castile and León that are working on environmental preservation.

On 26 January, within the framework of the Environment and Business Workshops, our Environmental Protection and Management company received recognition for obtaining its AAI (Spain’s Integrated Environmental Authorisation). These workshops were organised by the Ministry of Development and the Environment with the goal of “publicly recognising the efforts that companies and organisations make in terms of the Environment, and passing it on to the rest of society”.

Las Jornadas de Empresa y Medio Ambiente distinguieron a las diferentes empresas que trabajan en la Comunidad de Castilla y León a favor de la preservación del medio ambiente.

Awarding Ministry of Development distinctions

The event was held in Valladolid, beginning with a presentation on the circular economy’s profitability, which was presented by Ramón Arratia, Director of Sustainability at Ball Beverage Packaging Europe. Following this talk, various companies were awarded recognition for their work to preserve and improve the environment in the Community of Castile and León.

This recognition is the result of our continuous improvement policy and our commitment to the environment and sustainability.