On World Fisheries Day, we recall the fundamental rol this activity plays in the eradication of poverty or food security. It is also a major source of income for 820 million people worldwide. Continued

Sertego’s management team meets at Cetransa’s facilities to celebrate its 25th anniversary

On the occasion of one of the management committee’s regular meetings, Sertego’s management team visited the transfer station, the physiochemical treatment plant and the landfill of CETRANSA in Valladolid. Continued

Rinza joins as sponsor of the centenary of Ordesa

The centenary of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park has been declared an ‘Event of Exceptional Public Interest’ (AEIP for its Spanish original). Continued

In 2017, sertego avoided the emission of 89,078 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere

Sertego works in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include climate action and the conservation of seas and oceans. Continued

Sertego translates its website into English

The company wants to spread its message of commitment and care for the environment to as many people as possible. Continued

Sertego participates in the seminars on circular economy organised by SIGAUS

Sertego participates in a meeting organised by SIGAUS to discuss the new challenges presented by the new legislative context on waste, and the importance of new technologies in the development of the Circular Economy Continued

The salamancan workshops and concessionaires renew their waste management agreement with sertego

The Association of Salamancan Automobile and Workshop Entrepreneurs (AESAT by its Spanish acronym), a member of CONFAES, has renewed its agreement with Environmental Management and Protection (GPA, by its Spanish acronym), a subsidiary of Sertego, for the management and treatment of all its industrial waste during 2018 Continued

Sertego refreshes its website

In line with its growing commitment to digital communication, Sertego is launching a new Sustainability section and private client area for its website. Monsterrat Pavón, the company’s Quality, Prevention, and Environment Coordinator, gives us some … Continued

Sertego finishes installing its Centre in Chiva, Valencia

With 6,114 m2 of space, the centre has an area to store hazardous and non-hazardous waste, tanks for used oil, and an area for flammable waste that will serve the entire Community of Valencia. June … Continued

Sales as a pretext for forming trusting relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial

Francisco Gómez Sánchez is a commercial technician at Sertego Andalusia. He is backed by extensive experience in the evaluation and design of efficient management processes that are adapted to client production processes in the area … Continued

SERTEGO: 20 years as an industrial waste treatment benchmark in La Rioja

Sertego’s Environmental Complex located in the town of Alfaro is La Rioja’s main private initiative centre dedicated to industrial waste treatment, which has been a benchmark in the north of the Iberian Peninsula for more than … Continued

Sertego Galicia, contribution to the circular economy

Sertego’s plant in Lalín (Pontevedra) manages more than 1,600,000 tyres in 2017. May 2018 web copy. 2017 has been a big year for Sertego’s plant in Lalín, Pontevedra. This facility, which forms part of the SIGNUS (Collective … Continued

SERTEGO, committed to the development of the Port of Valencia

Sertego Port of Valencia, in charge of the collection and treatment of hazardous waste in the Port of Valencia, has signed for the fourth consecutive year to actively participate in the Aportem Project, the charity project carried out … Continued

Sertego ‘sets a course’ for equality

Sertego sets off on a ‘journey towards equality’ between male and female employees with a green initiative. March 2018 web copy On International Women’s day, Sertego, with the aim of encouraging equality and diversity in all … Continued

“I like companies with a soul”

You can tell María Soledad Elizari has a passion for people. For her, that is what makes a good salesperson; an ability to connect with others. Humanist by trade, salesperson by birth, she is able … Continued

Vicente Barroso Tundidor, Manager of Sertego’s Biomass Department

Sertego began its journey with biomass in 2007, and has consolidated its position in the state market by supplying more than 50,000,000 kWh to its clients annually through biomass. Continued

Sertego will manage the waste of the municipal companies of Seville

Southern Branch. On 22 December 2017, the tender for providing waste management services to the City of Seville’s “CORPORACIÓN DE EMPRESAS MUNICIPALES DE SEVILLA A.I.E” Group member companies was awarded to SERTEGO SERVICIOS MEDIOAMBIENTALES S.L.U. The … Continued

Santiago Sainz de Baranda y Casado, Legal Consulting

At Sertego, we are not only extremely satisfied with our central services, we boast about them. All of them are highly competent, and we would not be able to achieve the growth and leadership goals that … Continued

“We take care of the environment and our work has an impact on the fight against climate change”

“WE TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT, AND OUR WORK HAS AN IMPACT ON THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE.“ María Jesús Villota is the head of laboratory, environment and the water treatment line at the Sertego oil waste plant … Continued

“We are minimising the impact of highly contaminating waste”

Used oil from vehicles, machinery, and lubricating oil used in various industries produces what is potentially one of the most contaminating types of waste. Continued


The market for waste producers in Valencia already accounts for 9,9% of the total in Spain. Continued

The Council for the Environment of the Governing Council of Castile and León recognises SERTEGO’s work

The Business and Environment Workshops distinguished the various companies in the Community of Castile and León that are working on environmental preservation. Continued


A record that marks a major step towards a circular economy. SERTEGO’s commitment to the environment and the circular economy is one of the basic pillars of our business activity. For more than ten years, … Continued

Sertego Basque Country debuts an industrial plastic recycling line and warehouse

In the Basque Country, SERTEGO has held an industrial plastics recycling plant since 2003, which complements its Hazardous Waste management activity. Continued

At Cetransa, we work under rigorous test procedures and quality controls

The North. Cetransa is a company that manages hazardous waste coming from industrial activity that lacks economic value for the industry that produces them. “Like any industrial process, we also produce a type of non-hazardous … Continued


SERTEGO expands its fleet with 20 new vehicles to strengthen the CTR and Logistics area, which increases its capacity for action. December 2017 web copy SERTEGO’s CTR and Logistics area is incorporating new waste collection … Continued

Aitor Jáuregui, Managing Director of Sertego and President of Asegre inaugurated the “7th Forum on Industrial Waste Management”

The event held on 23 November at Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes, discussed the innovations incorporated into the new European Commission Circular Economy Package, a document created with a well-defined goal: to reach a 70% waste recycling rate by 2030. Continued

A.D. Vilber and Sertego: a year of collaboration, a year of success.

It has been one year since the paths of Sertego and A. D. Vilber crossed and, since then, many millennium clients have taken advantage of this innovative collaboration. November 2017 web copy A.D. Vilber is … Continued

“We are working towards a cleaner world”

Pilar Fajardo, Director of the Sertego Waste Disposal Area “WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS A CLEANER WORLD” At the end of the industrial waste management process, professionals like Pilar Fajardo are responsible for safely and sustainably … Continued

SERTEGO at the Universidad Miguel Hernández’s CRUE-Sustainability Conference

A conference that brings together 48 universities and numerous representatives of the sector to deal with environmental management issues. November 2017 web copy. Once again, this year Sertego is the company in charge of the … Continued

SERTEGO opens a new Industrial Waste Collection Centre in Catalonia

SERTEGO acquires a 10,300 m2 facility located in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), where it manages industrial waste, including used oil before transferring it to the company’s Spanish regeneration plants. This new investment strengthens SERTEGO’s position as … Continued


In the article “Circular economy: the end of use and dispose” we already discussed the European Union’s clear commitment to models that change the existing perception of waste, thinking about it not as a problem … Continued

Circular economy: the end of ‘use and dispose’

At first glance, it may seem like there is no major connection between the economy and the environment, recycling or recovery. Continued


The Port of Algeciras has been named the second most productive European port. Continued

SERTEGO TGMD, a benchmark in MARPOL waste treatment and management in North Africa

SERTEGO TGMD has positioned the Port of Tangier as a reference on the north coast of Africa by managing and treating MARPOL waste derived from this important seaport. Continued

“Our Business Model is based on recovery”

José Martín, responsible of the logistics and CRT area “Our business model is based on recovery” Sertego’s Transfer Centre Area manages more than 140,000 tonnes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste each year. To manage this massive … Continued

“Proper waste treatment creates jobs”

Luis Palomino,  Secretary-General of ASEGRE. “Proper waste treatment creates jobs” ASEGRE, the Association of Waste and Special Resource Management Companies, is one of the most important players in Spain’s industrial waste management ecosystem. Twenty-five years after … Continued

“We have to explain to society what we are doing”

Montserrat Pavón, Coordinator of Environment, Prevention and Quality. “We have to explain to society what we are doing” Despite her young age, Montserrat Pavón has spent 18 years at Sertego, and is one of the … Continued

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