One of our main areas of action is the treatment, recovery and elimination of industrial waste, actions with which we manage to drastically minimize the impact on the natural environment and at the same time comply with the most demanding environmental regulations.

Disposal service: the peace of mind of complying with all regulations.

In the industrial sector, there is waste that cannot be recycled, recovered, or reprocessed. For this type of waste, we have a disposal treatment that guarantees minimal environmental impact, as well as compliance with the most demanding regulations.

At Sertego we have plants for the treatment and classification of this waste, as well as dump sites. We provide service to industrial sectors, including:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Automobile
  • Surface treatments
  • Chemical and rubber
  • Wood
  • Textile
  • Wind turbines
  • Smelting
  • Construction
  • Naval construction
  • Services sector
  • Public sector (city councils and administrations)
  • Waste management agents

The waste receives a physical and chemical and/or stabilisation treatment to have it properly prepared. After this treatment, the waste is deposited at the corresponding dump site for final management. Sertego has 6 facilities dedicated to treating hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste. These dump sites are controlled and managed under strict criteria that guarantee compliance with Royal Decree 1481/2001 and community decision 33/2003.


Hazardous industrial waste landfill of Cetransa

Waste treatment and elimination centres.

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