There are various types of recycling and one of them, perhaps the least visible to the general public, is industrial recycling.

May 2019, web copywriter

Global Recycling Day takes place every year on May 17, a date established by the UNESCO to remind us all of the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. A key strategy to raise public awareness of the importance of treating waste responsibly in order to work together towards improving the environment.

The more common type of recycling, the one we carry out at home, is the one most visible in advertising campaigns. However, there’s a recycling that goes more unnoticed, the recycling of industrial waste… The industry is the largest waste producer, and managing this industrial waste in a responsible, sustainable way which allows its correct recovery and recycling is key to contributing to the welfare of our environment and to move towards a circular economy.

At Sertego we specialize in the integral and sustainable management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.

This work allows us to regenerate used oils that can be converted into new lubricating oils and to manage MARPOL waste, which allow us to obtain recovered fuel oils. We recover waste for the industry.

Recycling is essential to reduce emissions, avoid spills and discharges in rivers and seas and to, overall, take care of our planet. For this reason, at Sertego, we believe in the concept of the circular economy and we have worked to be a step ahead of the current legislation.

Investigation and innovation have led us to become one of the national waste managers with the most hazardous waste recovered.

Today we celebrate the Global Recycling Day knowing that our work in this field is actively contributing to caring for our environment.

Happy Global Recycling Day!