Sertego’s Environmental Complex located in the town of Alfaro is La Rioja’s main private initiative centre dedicated to industrial waste treatment, which has been a benchmark in the north of the Iberian Peninsula for more than 20 years.

May 2018 web copy.

With this complex’s consolidation and growth in recent years, Sertego has become one of the largest Industrial Waste Treatment operators in La Rioja and its neighbouring provinces. The complex is comprised of an Industrial Waste Transfer Centre, a Fuel Recovery Plant, and a plant dedicated to Used Oil Regeneration, where Sertego analyses, manages, and outputs waste produced by the main industrial agents in La Rioja and its neighbouring provinces.

Since its founding in 1997 as a Fuel Recovery Plant, Sertego’s Environmental Complex in Alfaro has gradually grown in response to growing waste management demand in the region. As such, it has been expanding the environmental services it provides to La Rioja’s industrial sector, while staying ahead of Europe’s strictest regulations.

In 2008, the Industrial Waste Transfer Centre was inaugurated, and two years later, the Alfaro complex opened a Used Oil Regeneration Plant covering the entire north of Spain.

Transfer centre, fuel plant and used oil regeneration plant

67,000 tonnes of waste annually.
Sertego’s activity at the Alfaro Complex represents the authorised treatment of more than 67,000 tonnes of waste annually. This activity is carried out by a team of 50 professionals, and is focused on regenerating used oil to obtain base lubricants with the same qualities as newly-refined ones, and temporarily storing waste of which the majority is later transferred to other final waste processors within Sertego Group.

Sertego’s complex in Alfaro employs more than 50 professionals that are dedicated to environmental protection. This team is made up of technical and administrative personnel, logistics and transport personnel, laboratory, engineering and production personnel, and quality, prevention and environment personnel.

“An example of integral waste management”.
In the words of the Quality, Prevention, and Environment Coordinator of Sertego, Montserrat Pavón, Sertego’s Complex in Alfaro represents “a clear example of integral waste management”. Alfaro facilities cover “the entire used oil waste cycle, from collection at the producer’s facilities, to transport and storage, to a transfer centre while awaiting final management, and lastly, its final treatment through regeneration,” she explains. This is an exemplary facility that “makes us feel very proud”.