Sertego Port of Valencia, in charge of the collection and treatment of hazardous waste in the Port of Valencia, has signed for the fourth consecutive year to actively participate in the Aportem Project, the charity project carried out by various agents, companies, and bodies of the Port of Valencia to tackle inequality in the port’s surrounding neighbourhoods.

SERTEGO, committed to the development of the Port of Valencia

Together with the other bodies, companies, and institutions that make up this solidarity alliance, Sertego participated in a recent meeting at the Port of Valencia to reaffirm its commitment, and to respond to the growing demand from schools and institutions in the Maritime District. The aim of the meeting was to offer cover to the most vulnerable groups, who increasingly find in this project a stable point of support.

New aid package.
During the meeting, a new package of aid and actions was agreed upon, coordinated by the Actions Commission, which will analyse the requests received from schools and institutions. The result will be a stable programme of twenty lines of action throughout the school year.

Among the requests for support dealt with by the Actions Commission, were those relating to the improvement of sporting equipment, the provision of food for school canteens or the improvement of heating installations in the centres.

Financial contribution control.
Another of the main objectives set by the Actions Commission is to improve the control of the financial and material contributions of the partners of the Project Aportem. In order to control the final destination of these contributions, each institution receiving aid will have two Aportem partners who will monitor these contributions and maintain direct contact with the requesting institutions and schools in order to attend them as best as possible.

As a specialist in environmental sustainability and industrial waste treatment, Sertego will continue supporting all of the project’s actions to improve quality of life in the Port of Valencia’s surrounding neighbourhoods.

In the environmental field, the Sertego Port of Valencia facility is responsible for providing the collection service of oily waste produced by ships in the ports controlled by the Port Authorities of Valencia, Castellón, and Alicante, thus contributing to the cleanliness of our coast and its waters.