A conference that brings together 48 universities and numerous representatives of the sector to deal with environmental management issues.

November 2017 web copy.

Once again, this year Sertego is the company in charge of the treatment of waste generated at the Universidad Miguel Hernández. This role gave their participation in the conference organized during the 19 and 20 October more meaning.

The CRUE-Sustainability Conference brought together more than 130 members from different universities and other representatives of the sector with the purpose of sharing experiences and advances in university environmental management issues, debating on healthy universities, risk prevention and encouraging the development of best practices.

Sertego had recently signed an extension of the contract to continue providing waste collection, transport, and final management services. In addition, the company offers the supply of suitable containers for storing and collecting waste, and a consulting service so that the University can manage waste in its first phase in accordance with current legislation.

Antonio Guerrero – Head of the Environmental Office – highlights the value of Sertego’s integral management, that provides services to all types of laboratories and workshops, from sanitary and hazardous waste, to the dissecting rooms.

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