Southern Branch. On 22 December 2017, the tender for providing waste management services to the City of Seville’s “CORPORACIÓN DE EMPRESAS MUNICIPALES DE SEVILLA A.I.E” Group member companies was awarded to SERTEGO SERVICIOS MEDIOAMBIENTALES S.L.U.

The service of waste management provided by SERTEGO began on 1 January 2018, and will last for two years, with the possibility of an annual extension of up to two years past each period’s expiration date.

Corporación de empresas municipales de Sevilla, A.I.E. gestion residuos
Corporation of municipal companies of Sevilla A.I.E.

The contract for this service was signed by the Corporation’s Vice-President, Carmen Castreño Lucas, in representation of public entities Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla S.A. (EMASESA); Limpieza Pública y Protección Ambiental S.A.M. (LIPASAM); and Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla S.A.M. (TUSSAM).

EMASESA manages direct potable water supply, and is responsible for public
sewer and purification services not only for the capital of Seville, but also for the municipalities of Alcalá de Guadaíra, Camas, La Rinconada, San Juan de Aznalfarache, Coria del Río, La Puebla del Río, Alcalá del Río, Mairena del Alcor, Dos Hermanas, and El Ronquillo.

Public company TUSSAM administers the public urban collective transport services of the city of Seville,  covering a population of over 700,000 inhabitants with a fleet of 428 buses and 4 trams, in addition to 18 other vehicles from the contracted lines.

As the company responsible for the city of Seville’s urban waste management ,LIPASAM provides and deals with the collection of domestic, commercial, and sanitary waste, as well as all activities relating to the city’s road cleaning, waste collection, disposal, and recovery, and environmental protection.

SERTEGO, with an experience of more than 20 years as a leading company in the sector and national coverage in the management of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in addition to the quality of its waste management service provides its firm commitment to recycling and recovery of raw materials from the waste managed. 70% of the waste managed by Sertego are destined for recovery and proof of this is its commitment to the regeneration of used oils in which it is the reference company in Spain.