This consolidates their presence in the area and the percentage of tire recovery in Galicia more efficiently.

July 2019, web copywriter

Sertego Environmental Services enlarges its transfer and waste minimisation centre it has had in Lalin since 2009, consolidating its presence in the region. The automation and expansion of these new facilities will allow to increase tire recovery throughout Galicia.

Sertego, current tire collector for SIGNUS, has extended and automated its installations located in Lalin. It currently manages 16.000 tons of tires a year, from al the collection points of the Galician Community. With the new facilities, it intends to increase the percent of tire recovery established by SIGNUS and managing it in a more efficient way.

This extension consists of a new warehouse of 1,040 square metres, with offices on the ground floor, a reception, service and archive area, and a mid-floor. The warehouse has all the installations necessary for its proper functioning, as well as for the compliance with the strictest safety standards.

  • A weighing zone.
  • An unloading and maneuvering area of more than 2,000 square metres, as well as three silos for tire storage with a combined capacity of more than 3,000 square metres.
  • A classification and pressing area, where a new system has been installed, consisting of automated belts that transport the tires form the hopper until the triage zone. In this area, the operators classify the tires according to their condition, sending the tires in worse condition for pressing, or sending the ones that can be reused to an adjacent warehouse.

The investment in this exclusive project, which reaches 1,5 million euros, will provide a more agile tire processing and an improvement of the employees working conditions due to process automation.

Sertego obtained the required permits for this new installation in 2018, as well as the integrated environmental authorization for the enlargement and automation of tire classification issued by the Ministry of Environment of Galicia.

With these improvements, Sertego intends to continue collecting tires for SIGNUS in Galicia in 2020.