SERTEGO expands its fleet with 20 new vehicles to strengthen the CTR and Logistics area, which increases its capacity for action.

December 2017 web copy

SERTEGO’s CTR and Logistics area is incorporating new waste collection vehicles into its already extensive fleet. Our vocation to provide tailor-made customer solutions for Integral Waste Management has led us to adapt our collection systems to the needs of diverse production centre sizes and locations over the years.

This has allowed us to put together an exclusively dedicated large-scale fleet with the ability to manage any type of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (excluding radioactive waste). In 2017, the CTR and Logistics area increased its fleet by 20 vehicles. These new vehicles allow to increase the number of daily routes that are carried out from our centers.

Nueva flota de vehículos de Sertego.

New fleet of vehicles.

In addition to refurbishing vehicles into new, more efficient ones that respect the environment, SERTEGO is contributing to a reduction in the impact of current road traffic. For this reason, continuous fleet refurbishment is one of our environmental goals.

Coupled with this, SERTEGO has installed GPS tracking systems in all of its vehicles throughout 2017, which now provide better route optimisation.

With these vehicles, and the qualified personnel that drives them, SERTEGO can reach any area where its services are needed. Regardless of the producer’s location or size, the variety of vehicles and the location of SERTEGO’s transfer centres spread throughout Spain (including the islands) means that there is no place a SERTEGO route can’t reach.