social commitment.

October 2017 web copy

These seminars are led and supervised by the Equality and Social Commitment Area, which reports to Urbaser Group’s Human Resources Department, presenting the objectives that the company’s Management have outlined and committed to, the actions that are being carried out, and advances made in this area.

This is an excellent communication tool that encourages an exchange of ideas and best practices.

Likewise, it puts specific situations that each company goes through on the table. This facilitates analysis and achievement of objectives to improve indicators.

On 21 September, the first seminar began, which will extend over the following months with the objective of reaching all businesses and areas where the Group is present.

From SERTEGO, we encourage all managers involved to attend these seminars and achieve the commitments and involvement planned. It is key that individuals with a higher level of influence are involved so that these activities, policies, and best practices can be incorporated into the day-to-day.