Sertego sets off on a ‘journey towards equality’ between male and female employees with a green initiative.

March 2018 web copy

On International Women’s day, Sertego, with the aim of encouraging equality and diversity in all of the company’s areas, launched an original initiative in which all employees received a boarding pass to raise awareness and work towards equality between men and women in the workplace.

Boarding passes

On March 8, in observance of International Women’s Day, Sertego celebrated with the rest of the companies of the Urbaser Group an in initiative that was greatly applauded by its employees, with which they seek to raise awareness and make equality between male and female workers a reality.

A positive message through a respectful medium.

As it could not be otherwise, this original initiative exudes Sertego’s spirit thanks to the material that these cards are made of: recycled paper and chamomile seeds, thus making another contribution to the Environment. Following a few simple instructions that appear on the back of the cards, these seeds can be planted serving double function: raising awareness as to the importance of working towards equality and diversity, while at the same time contributing to ecological sustainability.

Equality Plan.

As part of the Urbaser Group, Sertego has developed an Equality Plan that brings together a series of actions geared towards promoting and maintaining real equality between men and women in the workplace. The company periodically promotes initiatives that encourage the adoption of practices to improve female integration in the Environmental Services sector.

Delivering our special boarding passes to Sertego employees in Ciempozuelos (Madrid), and SERTEGO in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas).