At Sertego we always want to participate in all those activities that, through teaching or sharing information, reveal various environmental problems related to waste management.

July 2019, web copywriter

We are convinced that by presenting and listening to knowledge and ideas from all parties involved in the life cycle of a product (from the manufacturer to the waste manager), we will come closer to a general circular economy and sustainable development.

In this way, SERTEGO has been able to participate in 3 different seminars held in Galicia during June, having the opportunity to share its contribution to the circular economy through the recovery, regeneration and recycling of waste such as used oil or tires.

On the 5th of June – World Environment Day – NAVANTIA held its first Environment Conferences in Ría de Ferrol, where SERTEGO expressed the important role each one of us has in waste management, through a correct separation of the waste when its generated.

Also on June 5, SERTEGO attended the conference ‘Galicia United for a Planet #WithoutAirPollution’, organized by the Professional Association of Environmental Enterprises of Galicia (APROEMA) on the Island of Ons, where they discussed the various initiatives being carried out to improve the air quality in Galicia and how this affects our health.

Finally, on June 27th, the Conference on ‘The Role of the Waste Manager in the Circular Economy Process’ was held in Vigo, also organized by APROEMA. In this case, SERTEGO presented two clear examples of its contribution to the circular economy through the regeneration of used oil and the recovery of used tires.

We would like to thank the organizers of these conferences for their invitations.