After two years providing INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF HAZARDOUS AND NON HAZARDOUS WASTE IN THE FERROL ESTUARY for NAVANTIA, SERTEGO, through its centres in Galicia, has once again been chosen to provide the service for the current biennium (2019-2020), a period which may be extended until the end of 2022.

March 2019, web copywriter

Sertego delegation.

SERTEGO has rigorously complied with the technical and administrative requirements that a client such as NAVANTIA, leader in the naval industry, requires for the management of its waste. Along with their professionalism and economic competitiveness, these factors have enabled SERTEGO to obtain NAVANTIA’s trust again to renew the service, compared to the bids submitted by other competitors.

During these two years of waste management for NAVANTIA in the Ferrol estuary, SERTEGO has been able to manage more than 22,000 tons of waste in the best way, fully respecting the current legislation.

Navantia, Ferrol estuary.

In addition, the new agreement contemplates the management of more than 19,000 tons of waste for the 2019-2020 biennium (around 6,400 tons of hazardous waste and around 12,700 tons of non-hazardous waste), which, once again, will be managed minimising the environmental impact they could produce, and extending both SERTEGO and NAVANTIA’s commitment with the environment.

This strengthens the ties between NAVANTIA and SERTEGO for waste management, hoping that this relationship will remain as close over the next few years.