A record that marks a major step towards a circular economy.

SERTEGO’s commitment to the environment and the circular economy is one of the basic pillars of our business activity. For more than ten years, we have been improving the treatment processes at our Burgos plant to be able to recover as much plastic from industrial sectors as possible. By doing this, we are able to extend the useful life of plastic and reduce CO2 emissions derived from virgin polymer manufacturing by reusing it in new products.
Among the materials we recover are:

  • Hazardous plastic packaging from all types of industrial sectors.
  • Plastic waste from the automotive industry: dashboards, fenders, roofs…
  • Food containers.
  • Part manufacturing rejects
  • Wrapping
  • Domestic and urban furniture waste
  • Bollards
Reciclajede plásticos, más de 1.000 toneladas
More than 1,000 tonnes of recycled plastics

This waste is produced at more than 5,000 points across Spain, and often ends up at dump sites without any type of recycling.

This year, we have surpassed 1,000 tonnes of polymers reintroduced into the market as a raw material. In this way, we are able to transform waste into a resource and reduce the environmental impact and emissions of plastic component manufacturing industries.


Decontaminated plastic


Recycling plastics, recycled pellets