On the occasion of one of the management committee’s regular meetings, Sertego’s management team visited the transfer station, the physiochemical treatment plant and the landfill of CETRANSA in Valladolid.

November 2018, web copy

Sertego’s management team. Centransa. November 15, 2018.

In these meetings, SERTEGO’s performance is analyzed and important issues such as the degree of compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations are reviewed. On this occasion, Pilar Fajardo, Area Director for treatment and disposal plants, presented CETRANSA’s facilities where an integral treatment of industrial waste is takes place and which celebrates this year its launch in 1993.

CETRANSA is a pioneering facility for being one of the first hazardous industrial waste landfills in our country. For this reason, SERTEGO’s management team is pleased to celebrate this 25th anniversary by visiting a facility that offers a treatment that goes beyond the disposal of waste in a landfill. For that purpose, it has a transfer centre, where different types of waste are received and classified in order to find the appropriate final manage, and a physiochemical treatment plant, where waste is treated to minimize its danger and volume for its final management. In addition, it stands out in hydrocarbon valorization. The possibility of offering different treatments makes CENTRANSA a versatile facility, at the service of its clients, the SERTEGO group and the environment.