The students were interested in the recovery, recycling and regeneration of used industrial oil processes.

February 2019, web copywriter

Students from the Master’s Degree in Waste Management and Treatment at the UAM and students from the degrees of Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the double degree in Industrial and Automobile Design at the University of Nebrija, visited the Fuenlabrada lubricant base regeneration plant in Fuenlabrada.

Students from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

This type of visit allows university students to have a first contact with an industrial process in a practical way and, also, get to know first hand the recycling of waste that we all generate to a greater or lesser extent. Experiences like this are also enriching for Sertego, by maintaining direct contact with the university world, exchanging knowledge and experience.

Students from the Universidad de Nebrija.

At this plant, Sertego works on the regeneration of industrial oil, lubricating oils used in automobiles and machinery which, in addition to being one of the most frequent wastes, are also very polluting.

Through the regeneration process carried out at Sertego Fuenlabrada, as well as at the other three Sertego plants in Alfaro (La Rioja), Cartagena (Murcia) y Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), three regenerated lubricant bases of different viscosity are obtained, which are sold again to be used in the production of different type of recovered lubricant oils.

The regeneration of industrial oils is a process in which Sertego is a national reference and an example of what the circular economy represents in the management of industrial waste.