Sertego began its journey with biomass in 2007, and has consolidated its position in the state market by supplying more than 50,000,000 kWh to its clients annually through biomass.

March 2018 web copy

Vicente Barroso Tundidor, Manager of Sertego’s Biomass Department

The Urbaser Group is especially committed to innovation in terms of the way waste is managed and recovered. Biomass is a type of local waste that we have great control over. That, along with the fact that our company is fundamentally specialised in operations and maintenance, results in biomass energy services.

Why Sertego?

At Sertego we are firmly positioned in Spanish industries, which makes it the ideal connection for providing consistency to this service. We are a very client-focused company, and our main goal is to constantly offer our clients the best services related to the environment.


“Its a very delimited system, given that we carry out all investment, we provide the system with biomass, and we operate and maintain the facility.
The client only pays for the kWh of energy it consumes.”

Tell us which model you propose, because when we think about biomass, we all think about a boiler at home.

The system is essentially the same; there is a boiler that produces thermal energy. The major difference is that instead of generating hot water, it produces saturated steam, or sometimes the energy is transferred to a heat-carrier fluid such as oil. Biomass is also very different, since we use wood chips instead of pellets. The system is very delimited, given that we carry out all investment, we provide the system with biomass, and we operate and maintain the facility. The client only pays for the kWh of energy it consumes.

What differences do clients notice?

The most substantial difference is economic, because savings are guaranteed. They become dependent on energy that is created in national territory, so medium-to long-term economic control is assured. On the other hand, they are happy not to have to worry about buying fuel or dealing with maintenance and breakdowns, and can simply focus their efforts on their final product.

We have clients that have been with us since the beginning, and beyond the day-to-day functional aspect, they feel that their business model has changed. They are not dependent on fossil fuels that have an expiration date. Sometimes the actual waste they produce is introduced into the system and they close their own circle.
It is a sustainable, renewable concept which helps them make a special commitment to the environment, and this intangible asset is of great value to them.

What business prospects are around the corner?

Unquestionably expectations are high, when you see that major business groups bet on us and our model, you sense that you are on the right track, that you are going to be part of a sustainable and long-lasting model.
Companies are seriously concerned about their corporate social responsibility, so we will see major advances in the coming years.

Lastly, complete the following sentence: I am satisfied…

That Sertego supports innovation and new young talent. Those are two important key aspects of our company, and a distinguishing mark that we try to preserve as much as possible.
Thanks to this internal policy, we have come to be what we are today, and every time you talk to colleagues, those are two premises that they keep in mind.